OT Hourly Rates Increase in 2011

Occupational Therapist Hourly Rates by Healthcare Type*


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*National 50th Percentile

Oakland, NJ, September 2011--Occupational Therapists (OTs) in Home Health received the highest hourly pay compared to Hospital and Long Term Care OTs, according to the 5th annual Rehabilitation Salary & Benefits Report, just published by Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service (HCS).  The national 50th percentile hourly rate for Home Health OTs was $38.02, compared to $37.65 for Long Term Care OTs and $36.00 for Hospital OTs.

The pay increases for OTs remains conservative.  The actual percent increase reported for OTs during the period July 2010 to June 2011 was 2.07% for long term care, 2.33% for hospitals, and 1.82% for home health agencies. 

2,124 long term care facilities, 266 hospitals, and 860 home care agencies participated in the study.  The 2011-2012 Report covers 16 therapy jobs, salaries, bonuses, hourly and per diem rates.  Fringe benefits data also are included, as are planned and actual percent increases.  Data are reported by state, county, and region. 

The 2011-2012 Rehabilitation Salary & Benefits Report may be purchased from HCS for $250.  In addition to the Report, the salary/hourly/per diem results may be purchased in Excel.  To order, visit the HCS website at www.hhcsinc.com or call (201) 405‑0075.

Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service, founded in 1971, is recognized as the leader in national healthcare salary and benefits research.  HCS conducts national and custom marketplace studies, publishing more than 11 specialized Reports each year.  In addition, the firm consults with healthcare professionals across the nation to support the industry in the area of human resource management.  HCS is headquartered in Oakland, New Jersey.

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